Dr. Eran Magen shares self-care specifically for men at GQ Turkey.

English version here.

Dr. Eran Magen joined Orla Johannes and Andrea Elias on Now Trending to talk about trauma informed parenting. He helps divorced dads with relationship-first strategies.

This aired Sunday, April 7 at 2pm est.

“Being a good lover is being attentive to what your partner’s preferences are through communication and observation,” says Indigo Stray Conger, LMFT, an AASECT-certified sex therapist based in Colorado.

She gives step-by-step tips to Meg Schaltegger Women's Health Mag.

“If you want to have the mental, emotional, and physical bandwidth to be present with your children, then you must … practice self-maintenance.”

Melissa Willets writes with tips from Dr. Jenny Yip at Parents.

“A parent's job is to guide our children to be able to think for themselves.”

In this case, according to Dr. Jenny Yip, we shouldn’t dictate to our kids whether the fuzzy guy wielding Easter goodies is real or not, for the simple reason that we risk invalidating our child’s experience.

Words by Melissa Willets at Parents.

“We, as humans, are naturally curious creatures, but the psychology behind them goes even deeper than that. We want to belong and feel connected.“

Jessica Harrington writes with science provided by Dr. Jenny Yip at POPSUGAR.

Karli Barnett at CBS Atlanta News First caught up with Paris Fletcher to see how the TikTok ban will affect her business.

Fletcher has built momentum for her journals on the platform but weighs her options now that it might not be a viable network in the future.


Envisioning a brighter future for yourself is associated with having a stronger sense of your own personal meaning of life writes Holly Rhue, with expert insights from clinical psychologist Dr. Jenny Yip at Byrdie.

Aqila Augusta talked to Belisa Silva at Cosmetic Executive Women Daily about the textured industry and where it’s going.

“As a new mom with a helpless infant in your arms, the thing you care about most is protecting your baby.“

Caitlin Gallagher writes with expert parenting insights from Dr. Jenny Yip for The EveryMom.

"When we have these big roles where we can’t see the finish line, it leads to anxiety and procrastination ― because if we can’t see the finish line, then we will likely not do it or not get to it when it needs to be attempted,” Yip said. “When we break tasks down into smaller increments, they become more achievable because they’re realistic.”

Reporting by Caroline Bologna HuffPost.

Dr. Jenny Yip joined WTVM TV 9 to talk about mental health and social media use. This aired live 2/9.

Developed by Dr. Eran Magen, the system aims to reduce suicidal ideation and provide crucial support to groups in high-stress environments.

“In the realm of contemporary art, Los Angeles-based artist Alicia Hobbs has emerged as a force. Her journey from medical school aspirations to the canvas has not only defied convention but has also captivated the art world with her distinctive and thought-provoking creations.”

Many thanks to Marv for his observations at Pinstripe Mag.

Aqila Augusta talked to Tirralan Watkins about going from full-time nurse to full time mompreneur with a breakthrough organic hair treatment she created from scratch.

She started making it for herself, then friends, and eventually launched a product line that’s helping thousands replenish their natural hair health.

Listen to her journey at iHeartRadio

Dr. David Nazarian talked to Melissa Willets about baby nutrition for at Parents.

Here’s what you need to know about newer baby formulas hitting store shelves.

“Look for any type of repetitive behaviors,” Yip said. “If they have certain rules that seem very unnecessary or excessive, that demand that things have to happen in a certain way or with certain people. Also, tantrums. If you see a lot of tantrums — because certain idiosyncratic rules are not being followed.”

Anna Lee Beyer writes at Lifehacker with advice from Dr. Jenny Yip.

Lacey Muinos asks Dr. David Nazarian about health goals to set this year if you’re over 50 at Livestrong

Are you over resolutions? Try an end-of-year audit instead.

“Shift your focus toward the progress you did make, however small…Finding what you enjoy doing means you are more likely to commit to it.”

Jennifer Chen writes with advice from Dr. Jenny Yip at Oprah Daily.

Age-related hearing loss is common, but it can be tough for a senior to accept that they may need a hearing aid. Consider these tips when talking about with a senior.

Emily Starbuck Gerson writes for Care.com with insights from Indigo Stray Conger, LMFT.

Huge thanks to Ashley and Sharon at Laguna Beach Magazine for the Wyland spread and gala coverage!

Read about the artist and his work in ocean advocacy.

Emily Abbate asks Dr. Eran Magen how to reduce stress in ways that don’t involve reaching for your phone at GQ.

Magen recommends finding techniques that help lower acute stress while it's actually happening.

Rachel Reiff Ellis writes Rx for Resilience: Five Prescriptions for Physician Burnout at Medscape.

How can you tell if a photo of someone is fake or real?

Johana Gutierrez, an AI specialist at Loti AI (goloti.com) talks to Nadia Ley at Univision 34 in Los Angeles about identifying deepfakes that are being used by bad actors in missing persons cases.

Many thanks to Annette and Nadia at Univision 34

SoCal’s longest running Nutcracker celebrates 50 years with star alum Tiler Peck Dec 2 & 3 | Los Angeles Daily News

There tends to be a lot of quiet suffering among men … says Eran Magen, Ph.D., a suicide prevention expert and founder of parenting support website DivorcingDads.org.

Men don’t always feel included in conversations about self-care, Magen says, as they typically include suggestions for things that don’t appeal to a lot of them. Guys might prefer instead to watch TV or play video games when they want to relax … but those activities don’t help reduce stress in a meaningful way, Magen says.

Virginia Pelley writes at Fatherly.

When you feel keyed up or on edge, there are some really helpful things you can do to relax and regulate your nervous system — quickly. Jessica Migala writes with tips from Dr. Yip for Everyday Health.

If you’re looking for sex toys, Indigo Stray Conger, a certified sex therapist has suggestions to enhance the understanding of your needs.

Dana Dickey writes at PureWow.

“Find other outlets to process your emotions, like a trusted friend, family member or therapist. Take stock of the people in your life who can offer support when you’re feeling mentally overwhelmed or physically ill.” writes about parentification with advice from Dr. Jenny Yip at HuffPost.

Cesar Ramirez Castellano talked to Ana Milena Varón about his starring role in story ballet PHOENIX RISING closing in Santa Monica.

Eran Magen, PhD shares parenting advice with Melissa Willets at Parents

Are you over parenting or taking the right steps at the right time for your little ones? He says it varies depending on the child.

Cesar Ramirez Castellano stars in PHOENIX RISING opening October 22.

Thanks to Broadway World for sharing.

Wyland argues that covering his art is a violation of the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, or VARA. VARA grants artists the right to claim their work and prevent others from "any intentional distortion, mutilation, or other modification of that work which would be prejudicial to his or her honor or reputation." Sarah Rahal writes for The Detroit News.

Wyland, Detroit's whale mural artist, calls for protection of public art. Sarah Rahal writes more about it at Detroit News.

“Good sex requires a balance of two factors — a feeling of safety and feeling of novel excitement,” says Indigo Stray Conger, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist with Mile High Psychotherapy and ThatSexQuiz.com.Thanks to Alex Manley for covering this with a client’s advice. Read more at AskMen.

Dr. Magen talked to Heidi Borst at Forbes about consenting to emotionally charged conversations. Read about his advice for navigating difficult topics.

Indigo Stray Conger, a sex therapist and advisor for ThatSexQuiz.com, spoke to Kate Sloan about sex toys for GQ.

Jaclyn Smock writes about the messaging aimed at women to sell anti-aging products. Dr. Jenny Yip explains the psychological effect of campaigns that push products which many times don’t even work, according to dermatologists cited in the article.

Dr. Magen joined The Kathryn Zox Show to talk about why divorce affects men more adversely. He advises strengthening outreach and support systems. Listen here.


Dr. Eran Magen joined Oklahoma’s NBC / CW43 to talk about mental health after divorce. He created a network to help divorced dads navigate the process. This segment aired live at 430 pm central.

Dr. Eran Magen joined Dave Kelber at WRNJ to talk about the mental health of divorced dads. Stereotypes aside, it is a high risk group in need of support. This aired multiple times on WRNJ Radio 104.7FM, 92.7FM, 105.7FM, and 1510AM.

Dr. Magen spoke with Jamie Bussin at The Tonic about large scale mental health services that work for high stress groups. This ep of The Tonic aired on AM 740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Also on the podcast.

Dr. Eran Magen joined The Art Lewis Show at WSGW in Michigan to talk about a suicide prevention system that checks in with high risk groups. He notes the importance of social connection and states that social media interaction is like empty calories.

Listen to the interview here:


Home Stratosphere series of over 50 placements and counting for Lauren Lawson, realtor

Whale mural on Detroit's Broderick Tower resurfaces after storm damage

“It’s ironic. After years of contention, ads, appeals to the state supreme court, and completely disregarding any communication with us to find another building for their ad instead of covering up a legacy work of public art, it finally took Mother Nature to step in and say, ‘Let me handle this.’”

Thanks to Duante for reaching out.

Clinical psychologist Jenny Yip, PsyD, ABPP of Los Angeles-based Renewed Freedom Center says “If your children feel confident in their ability to get through their first day of school then it will calm your own anxiety and conflicted emotions,” she tells Parents. “The goal is to model calm behavior for your child, which of course we all strive for.”

Many thanks to Melissa Willets for reaching out. Read the full article.

“The Wyland Gallery was completely destroyed, just like everything else, in and around Lahaina.”

The Wyland Foundation encourages you to donate to the Maui United Way, one of the assistance groups they support. The Wyland Foundation and partners also created a Maui Forever t-shirt, available at www.wylandfoundation.org.

Thanks to Clara for sharing. Read here.

Dom in the Streets. Sub Between the Sheets: The Truth About Dom & Sub Personality Traits for Chris M. Lyon

“Domineering behavior is never ok,” despite what popular culture has illustrated.

More discussion on Leading & Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships with Annette Benedetti here.

Sue McGarvie, a sex therapist and radio host, talks common misconceptions about dominant and submissive relationships with coach and author of Leading & Supportive Love with Chris M. Lyon

Does semaglutide cause depression? Dr. David Nazarian shares his observations.

Words by Michael Stahl at Inside Hook, read here.

Here’s Chris M. Lyon talking about "Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships" on ABC Portland’s Afternoon Live.

Many thanks to Cassi for inviting her on.

Huff Post's Caroline Bologna writes about what parents want to keep in mind as they start a new youth sports season with expert insights from Dr. Yip.

ABC Arizona: Parenting expert and clinical psychologist Dr. Jenny Yip shares solutions for teens experiencing mental health struggles

Many thanks to Susan Casper for inviting her on!

Design Boom's Ravail Khan says Adam Friedman’s design work at Geology Studio is “encouraging enthusiasts to reconnect with their vinyls.”

Many thanks to Ravail for circulating this client’s creative project that then spread to many other design publications.

Stupid Dope for Geology Studio

Hypebeast for Geology Studio

Jack for Geology Studio

The Vinyl Factory for Geology Studio

The Bleeding Edge for Geology Studio


If it's hip hop it's here for Geology Studio

Adam Friedman has designed a listening station for vinyl lovers. It’s part of a beautiful collection that easily doubles as art.

Robert Dalheim covers the artist’s insights on living with a music collection at Designer's Today

Chicago restaurant embraces seaweed straws

Thanks for picking this up!!!!

Emily Rovar, licensed social worker and adolescent program director, spoke to CBS News about a new survey that says teachers are undecided about arming themselves in school.

She advises increasing mental health support. More in the clip! This segment aired nationwide.

Sharon Feiereisen writes about anti-inflammatory breakfast bars with insights on ingredients from Dr. Nazarian, for Well+Good.

Thanks for asking, Sharon!

Zee Krstic asks Dr. David Nazarian about the side effects of semaglutide injections for Good Housekeeping.

Thanks for reaching out Zee!

Jillian Murano, licensed clinical drug and alcohol counselor, is on ABC Portland’s Afternoon Live talking about DRUGS: How to identify addictions and find solutions.

“Kids absorb everything,” Dr. Jenny Yip explains to TODAY.

More about the queues kids take from their parents at the link. Many thanks to Stephanie and Christine for looping us into this segment.

TODAY for Jillian Murano at GenPsych "The pandemic forced this mom to face her alcohol abuse. Here’s how she got sober"

Dr. Jenny Yip Talks Teen Anxiety and Mental Health with Parentology

Vitamins and minerals three part series at USA Today for Dr. David Nazarian and VitaminMD.net

How much potassium do you need per day? The amount may surprise you.

What are trace minerals? And how to get them.

Is mineral water good for you? We spoke with the experts to find out.

ROI-NJ.com for Striker Apartment Leasing

The Political Mike for Wyland Foundation

Art Daily for Wyland Foundation "12th nationwide educational campaign brings city leaders together to address water supply issues "

Consumer Reports for Dr. Jenny Yip "Balancing motherhood and work life with the right accessories"

Huff Post for Dr. Jenny Yip "Siblings Who Grow Up Together Can Have Vastly Different Childhoods. Here's Why"

Hollywood Reporter for Wyland Foundation's Vans collaboration

More hits for Wyland Foundation Vans collaboration

Drift Travel Shoeography TheGarnetteReport CultureAddicts

Esquire for Wyland Foundation Vans collaboration

Fast Company for TNI Design

Dr Yip on postpartum mental health struggles at Afternoon Live for ABC Portland

Dr. Phil S21, E112: Dangerous Diet Crazes for Dr. David Nazarian and Nutritionist Desiree Nazarian MPH

See full episode

WATCH Dr. Phil's YouTube: Woman Claims High Fruit, Raw Vegan Diet Can Cure Everything From Addiction To Cancer for Desiree Nazarian

Dr. Phil online Man Claims Diet Of Raw Animal Products Drastically Improved His Health for Dr. David Nazarian

Dr. Phil online for Dr. David Nazarian: Woman Warns About The Dangers Of Falling Into The ‘Trap’ Of Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media

Dr. Phil online for Nutritionist Desiree Nazarian, M.P.H, who talks about some possible issues with eating a high fruit raw vegan diet.

Dr. Phil online for Dr. David Nazarian ‘I Got Very Sick,’ Says Woman Who Was Prescribed Diabetes Drugs For Weight Loss

Dr. Phil Panel: What Does a Healthy Diet Look Like? - Dr. Phil YouTube

Women's Health Magazine for Dr. David Nazarian -Apollo Neuro: ‘What Happened When I Tried The Stress-Relief Wearable For 30 Days’ By Jacqueline Andriakos

NBC News Daily for Dr. Jenny Yip - Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety Feb 3

ABC Portland's Afternoon Live: How to spot postpartum mental health struggles for Dr. Jenny Yip

Well+Good for Dr. Jenny Yip - There’s a Psychological Reason You Can’t Stop Spending Money on Beauty Products by Jaclyn Smock

SF Business Times for white label agency client

ABC Portland's Afternoon Live for Dr. Jenny Yip - Identifying and relieving anxiety

OC Business Journal Philanthropy section for Wyland Foundation

CNN for Natasha LaTour

Huff Post for Dr. Jenny Yip -My Daughter's Common Problem Made Me Feel Like A Failure As A Mom — And Now I Know Why by Katie Nave

Bloomberg for White Label Client - How private equity is using creative carveouts in a tight market by Mureji Fatunde

Stockton Record / Bay City News for Natasha LaTour - Stockton police privately apologized over a year later to survivor of alleged serial killer by Victoria Franco

Laguna Beach Magazine December 2022 issue - Giving back helps local non-profits continue their important work in the community.

Fodor's for Dr. Jenny Yip - Traveling to See Your Partner’s Family for the Holidays? How to Ease Anxiety, According to Experts by Cortney Fries 

Laguna Beach Independent for Wyland Foundation - Wyland Foundation Annual Gala Brings Attention to Saving Wildlife International by Clara Beard

GLAMOUR UK pick up of Dr. Jenny Yip Reviewed article for SELF

SF Chronicle for SFLFF

CBS SF for SFLFF's Jose Feliciano opening night film - aired September 23, 2022

Wondermind for Dr. Jenny Yip

The Difference Between Obsessions and Compulsions 

Here’s What OCD Actually Is (and Isn’t) 

Teen Kids News for Son of a Saint / Nic Tiemens

Laguna Beach Magazine 2022 for Wyland Foundation - Education on the Go

Psychiatry Advisor for Dr. Jenny Yip - Exploring the Link Between Academic Stress and Mental Health in College Students


Asbury Park Press for Striker Leasing - Whitney Houston and Fort Lee featured in MTV VMAs at Prudential Center in Newark

Institutional Investor for White Label Agency Client - How Private Equity Firms Poach C-Suite Talent From Public Companies

Newsweek for Dr. Jenny Yip - Man Splits Opinions by Letting Child Call Friend 'Dad'

HuffPost for Dr. Jenny Yip - Experts share their advice for owning up to your mistakes with your children

The Urban List for Dr. Jenny Yip - How To Effectively Push Back At Work When You’re Burnt Out

POPSUGAR for Dr. Jenny Yip - Victoria's Secret effect, July 2022

POPSUGAR for Dr. Jenny Yip - Acne Excoriée: The Skin-Picking Disorder Explained, June 2022

Wondermind for Dr. Jenny Yip - Calling all symptom Googlers

Mother Untitled for Dr. Jenny Yip - How to Stop Overthinking Every Parenting Decision—According to Experts


Laguna Beach Magazine for Wyland Foundation

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>Spectrum News 1 for Wyland

LA Times for Wyland

Detroit Free Press for Wyland

The Detroit News for Wyland

Open House on NBC for Anna Rosemann

i+D for Abeer Sweis (resurfaced from a previous year for Earth Month)

The Complete Guide to Everyday Happiness, a limited edition print from Centennial Publishing, on newsstands nationwide April 2022 for Dr. Jenny Yip

Fatherly.com for Dr. Jenny Yip

Parents Magazine for Dr. Jenny Yip

CTV News for MARZ VFX - Moon Knight Commentary

Vox for MARZ VFX - Spider Man digital doubles commentary

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San Diego Union Tribune for Nic Tiemens

Dolce Magazine - Fall 2021, pg 28 for Nic Tiemens

Women's Health Magazine, November 2021 issue for Dr. Jenny Yip - now on newsstands

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Comic Book Resources for MARZ VFX

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Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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Beach Metro News for MARZ VFX

Laguna Beach Independent Cover for Wyland

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Laguna Beach Magazine Cover Story for Hobie Surfboards

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Dr. Jenny Yip for Apartment Therapy

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Deadline for Stopping Traffic 2 (press release for filmmaker)

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Laurie Hardie's The Public Affairs show on KKNW 1150 AM, KIXI 880 AM, KQMV Movin’ 92.5 FM, and KNUC 98.9 FM The Bull in Seattle for Wyland

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huff post blog

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The Manual for First Derm


Atlanta's 11 Alive Local NBC Newscast for Art Bath Soul - July episode

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Atlanta's 11 Alive Local NBC Newscast for Art Bath Soul - March episode

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NPR Morning Edition - Atlanta for Art Bath Soul (pro bono project) - July 1


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univision news van for tina odjaghian 4.2 victory

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Venture Capital Journal for Infuzed Brands

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Men's Health for First Derm


NBC LA for Dr David Nazarian

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The Doctors Episode #12117 Thursday, April 23rd Air Date for Dr. Jenny Yip

Tips for Parents Dealing with a Child with Learning Delays
The Doctors - Episode #12117 Thursday, April 23rd Air Date

Today's Practitioner for First Derm

NBC News for Dr. Jenny Yip


Atlanta CW for Art Bath Soul (pro bono project for a friend's COVID shuttered shop)


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Aventura Dec Jan 2019

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Dermatologist clients at firstderm.com were included on the panel of experts for Seventeen’s 2019 Best of Beauty Awards

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Front page of USA Today for SweisKloss and USA Today Video for SweisKloss which went viral to broadcast news networks around the country.

"Fireproof homes could be the answer to massive wildfires across the West"

CBS 19 – East Texas
ABC 10 – Sacramento
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NBC – Pheonix, Arizona Twitter
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EN VIVO: Noticias Telemundo Mediodia Con Felicidad Aveleyra - aired internationally and nationwide for SF Latino Film Festival

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CBS SF Live for SF Latino Film Festival

Telemundo's Un Nuevo Dia for Kids4Community (aired internationally and nationwide)

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San Diego Daily Transcript for Kids4Community

The Business of Furniture for SweisKloss

Parents Magazine for Dr. Jenny Yip

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CBS AZ Family for Eva Antoniadou

Laila Ali Lifestyle for LA Travel Magazine

Univision for Odjaghian Law Group

Telemundo National for Odjaghian Law Group

Univision for Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival

Local Food Eater For LA Travel Magazine

Thrillist for LA Travel Magazine

Pretty in Pistachio for LA Travel Magazine

Men's Fitness Magazine for Laurel Mellin Men's Fitness Magazine for Laurel Mellin

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Various hits for Paella Wine Festival 2017

ABC7 News Segment for L.A. Travel Mag's Taste of the World 2017

The Today Show for a White Label Client

NBC Bay Area for SJ Taco Festival

San Jose Mercury News for SJ Taco Festival

El Diario de Nueva York

SF Gate for Cine+Mas Year-Round Program RoxCine

NBC Sunday with Conan Nolan for Roger W.

Green Living Magazine for Green Sense Farms

BravoTV Online for Eva Antoniuando

Good Morning Texas for Play Like a Girl Soccer Clinic with Dallas Sidekicks

NBC San Antonio for Michael Matthews Fitness

Nat Geo for Green Sense Farms

KTLA for Crest Westwood Presidential Debates

San Diego Transcript for Little Red Feather Race Club

Women's Health Mag for Dr. Paul Ekman

Psych Central for Dr. Laurel Mellin

Parents for Play Like a Girl Sports Org

Psychology Today For Dr. Ekman

Business Insider for Dr. Paul Ekman

LA Times for Crest Westwood

San Diego Business Journal for MSHIPCO’s Stiletto

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